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Poetry Worksheets: Exploring 9 Types of Poems and Literary Devices - For Elementary

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Explore the world of poetry for elementary students with our dynamic and colorful PDF workbook, Poetry Worksheets for Elementary: Exploring 9 Types of Poems & Literary Devices.

This 59-page full-color guide is meticulously designed to introduce young learners to the diversity and richness of poetry, blending educational rigor with creative fun.


  • Comprehensive Teaching Tips: Start each poetry lesson with confidence, thanks to clear objectives and innovative activity suggestions tailored to each poem type. These tips are designed to engage students and spark their interest in poetry.

  • Foundational Overview: Equip students with a solid understanding of poetry's building blocks. Our workbook includes an easy-to-navigate overview of the parts of a poem and the figurative language that poets use to enhance their work, laying the groundwork for deeper literary appreciation and analysis.

  • Diverse Poem Types: Explore the wide world of poetry with detailed sections on 9 different types of poems: acrostic, haiku, limerick, concrete, diamante, quatrain, cinquain, ode, and free verse. Each section offers a concise definition, strategies for identification, characteristic features, engaging examples, and links to informative videos for further exploration.

  • Interactive Worksheets: Foster creativity and understanding with hands-on worksheets for each poem type. Students are encouraged to craft their own poems, applying what they've learned while benefiting from practical writing tips included in each worksheet.

  • Poetry Journal: Create your own poetry journal by choosing from 3 cover pages and blank page templates.

  • Types of Poetry Flipbook: Create a flipbook with the 9 types of poems in an easy to print and interactive format.


For more tips on making poetry fun for elementary-aged kids, and to grab a SAMPLE of this printable, check out my blog post:

How to Make Poetry Fun for Kids | Free 3rd Grade Poetry Worksheets

third grade poetry worksheets


Elementary, grades 3-5


  • Full color pages
  • Letterhead
  • 59 pages
  • PDF file
  • Immediate access

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