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20 Scavenger Hunt Worksheets for preK-5

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Enhance your child's learning experience with 20 Scavenger Hunt Worksheets, specifically designed for students from PreK to Grade 5. This collection provides a variety of fun and educational activities that cater to young learners, ensuring an engaging and productive time.

What's Inside?

PreK-2 Worksheets:

  • Engaging visual aids and activities that involve drawing and writing.
  • Themes: Colors, Shapes, Alphabet, Playground, Spring, Beach, Animals, Sounds, Textures, Numbers, Vehicles.

Grades 3-5 Worksheets:

  • List-based activities encouraging kids to take photos and explore their surroundings.
  • Themes: Neighborhood, Spring, Beach, Nature, Sensory, Creative Art, Math, Literacy.

How to Use This Printable:


  • Print enough copies for each participant.
  • Gather necessary materials like pencils, cameras, or art supplies.

Setting Up:

  • Choose an appropriate location: indoors, backyard, neighborhood, beach, or park.
  • Explain the rules and objectives clearly, emphasizing safety.

Perfect for homeschool families, teachers, and group activities, the 20 Scavenger Hunt Worksheets ensures educational fun for younger learners. Bring learning to life with these engaging scavenger hunt worksheets!


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